1. Downing pills in attempt to drown my demons

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  2. can’t tell if I’m actually happy or its just the meds working

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  3. the update on my ex

    tired of this happening. can’t understand why either

    i was walking out of the hallway after my first big test of the semester, feeling mildly almost confident. then my fat looser “ex” (because it wasn’t really a relationship) was standing there surrounded by a group of guys.

    he turns, looks straight at me and points out his fat finger, directly at me. then loudly opens his mouth and says, “THAT RIGHT THERE.” his finger on me the whole time.

    of course, i just kept walking past not even bothering to look at him, let alone acknowledge his existence.

                   the backstory is that he needed a cover up because he’s actually gay and didn’t want his parents to find out so i became his victim. he pretended to be straight. he never wanted to touch me, hold my hand, let alone spend any time getting to know me. he told me that i wasn’t pretty. he woldnt take me out and instead was lying to me saying he had to “workout with his friends.” here, he was going to hookup with another guy. he was fucking another guy, driving him around, buying him shit, and taking him on dates. and finally admitted he was gay and simply wanted to put on an act for his parents.

    the thing that was bad was how much the feeling of not being wanted was before he came out of the closet to me. rejection and feeling like I was never good enough was what was bad. yet he is still in the closet and goes around bragging how he “dated me for 2 months” when really all he ever did was sit and watch racing clips or play on his phone and ignore me the whole time….

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  5. amusemi:

    Don’t Leave (ft. Ellie Goulding) | Seven Lions

    I love Seven Lions, I love Ellie Goulding, this song was a no brainer.

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  6. hannahbadgerdontcare:

    So Poptarts has this new commercial where the poptart is outside a band tour bus


    and I just


    their faces, their hair, the fedora



    I see no difference

    i am so glad someone else agrees with me on this. Looks like I’m gonna live off of pop tarts the rest of my life

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